01 October 2009

Nick Jr. encroaching on my Disney daughter

It used to be so simple.

You see, Kaitlyn was always a Disney Girl. Was always going to be one. We had the Disney bloodline -- my parents always brought us to WDW, have Disney timeshare, even had a Mickey Mouse clock in our family room that took up two-thirds of the wall space. Hell, my sister got married at the Grand Floridian and the wedding pics had Cinderella's Castle and the damn monorail in the background.

We're a Disney family. Always have been, always will be. And so I thought with Kaitlyn. Early on, things were simple. Kaitlyn loved her some Mouse. She would point out characters in the books we would read. She'd drop her jaw at Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Darby and everyone else in the Hundred Acre Woods.

I got Michelle to cave and we brought Kaitlyn to Disney earlier this year, well before the mandatory "She's got to be out of diapers and able to walk the whole damn park on her own" timeline she had originally set forth. Even got Kaitlyn into that new Tinker Bell storyline, which I just don't buy (and when did Disney decided to make Tink a Playboy Bunny, anyway?).

But now things are changing. Minnie is being replaced by Dora, Goofy by Diego. Handy Manny is getting brushed aside for The Wonder Pets. I won't even mention The Gabba Coma. Nothing against Nick Jr., which is quite a good channel. But Moose can't hold a candle to the Icon, nor will I let him.

Mark my words: Kaitlyn will remain a Disney Girl. Sure, I'll let her indulge in DJ Lance for a little while longer, but soon enough the princesses will come calling. And she'll be back to her roots. Her Disney roots.


  1. amen. disney is where its at!!!

  2. I hear ya. It sort of scares me, though, when I find myself channel surfing to Nick Jr. because my daughter is screaming "No Pooh."