13 October 2009

Don't Upset YaYa

Apparently, I've created a stir.

You see, my mother-in-law took exception to one of my blog posts. In my defense, it wasn't meant as a pot-shot; I thought it was a pretty funny anecdote. She didn't see it that way.

So, to make it up to YaYa and show her how much I appreciate her, here is a list of things that make my mother-in-law special. Note: This is not an all-encompassing list, as my mother-in-law does so many things so well that they can't all be listed in this short space.
  1. She is a great artist.
  2. She makes a mean meatloaf, among the many home-cooked meals that she does wonderfully.
  3. She's always there to provide support to my beautiful, smart, funny (did I mention beautiful? You know where she gets it, YaYa) and considerate wife.
  4. She hosts great parties.
  5. She's always willing to help with Kaitlyn.
  6. She's a fashionista. Blue pants and a white shirt will never go out of style in my book.  
  7. She might not hit the ball 300 yards, but she's fun to play golf with.
  8. She lets the guys watch football each Sunday and doesn't complain, no matter how loud they yell at the television when the Jets give up a touchdown.
So thank you, YaYa, for all you do. And so others don't make the same mistake I have so egregiously made, I provide you with this little lesson:

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