24 October 2009

Kaitlyn: Swine-free since October 2009

Okay, okay. I caved.

You might remember that a couple weeks back I discussed the internal debate over whether Kaitlyn should receive the H1N1 flu vaccine.

Since that time, Michelle and I have discussed a lot of things: whether Kaitlyn and I would be making a trip to New Jersey in the coming weeks (not a fan, but might go by default), what the topic of my supposed book should be (I didn't even know I was writing a book), whether the neighbor's newly-painted door looks good (I think yes, Michelle's on the fence).

But one topic that hasn't been broached is the H1N1 vaccine. Until yesterday.

You see, Michelle scheduled an appointment at the county health clinic for Kaitlyn to receive the seasonal flu shot, which I have no problem with her getting. We were sitting in the room with the doc, who then asked what we were there for (Shouldn't they know that already? I mean, it's an appointment). Michelle says, "She needs the seasonal flu shot, and the H1N1 vaccine, I guess."

Whaaaaaaat?!?!? I was sort of perplexed at this turn of events. You see, even though we received some sound medical advice, we never came to a decision. Guess there's no time like the present, huh?

So I told the doc, Listen, you've got to convince me to put this second needle in my daughter. She looked a little stunned I would say this, going against the establishment and all.

I have to say, she really didn't convince me. She mentioned something about kids being more at risk for the virus. She said something about how Kaitlyn might be even more susceptible because of  her history of developing croup.

She then told me that we'd have to bring Kaitlyn back to get a second H1N1 shot because of her age and the fact that children's immune systems aren't fully developed. She said we'd have to come back in a month.

Me: Okay, do we make that appointment now?

Doc: No, you'd just have to call another day.

Michelle: But we only got this appointment because there was a cancellation. The nurse told me on the phone that they didn't have another appointment until November 29 (Footnote: If my math is correct, that's later than a month).

Doc: Oh, well, it doesn't have to be a month.

Me: Well, then why does she need the second shot if it doesn't have to be within the allotted time?

Doc: (Blank stare)

As you can see, not real convincing. Plus, let's remember supply and demand. There's not enough vaccine to go around right now. There's not enough being made. What's to say there will be any when the time comes to get that second shot? I broached that subject with the doc, too. Got the same blank stare.

But Michelle and I looked at each other and knew what we needed to do, even if the doctor was as helpful as these dopes (especially from this past week. Explainer here, here and here). We needed to do this. So, we subjected Kaitlyn to two shots. Thankfully, her thighs are large enough to handle the needles with minimal crying.

So Kaitlyn, hopefully, will be swine-free. Save the occasional bacon. We love bacon.

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