30 October 2009

Halloween, Part I

One of the great things about Halloween is being able to pass along some of the great traditions that we had as children. You know, decorating pumpkins, TP-ing the neighbors' yards, heading down to Franklin Street in a drunken stupor. Fun stuff like that.

Alas, Kaitlyn is a little young for some of those things. I really don't want her playing with knives yet, her arm isn't accurate or strong enough (yet) to get the roll over the branches and I've already told her she's got to wait until 14 to grab daddy's beer.

But trick-or-treating is our cup of tea. Walk around asking people for candy while dressed up in funny outfits? Dude, right up her alley.

The holiday has started a day early, as the daycare is celebrating with parties and door-to-door trick-or-treating. The kids looked great, even if Kaitlyn had to wear the same outfit as last year. She's too big for 24 month outfits and 2Ts are a little loose (my little fatty is actually losing that baby gut, which is kinda cool/sad all wrapped into one).

Plus, daddy got a little lazy, as we stated in an earlier post. We'll have updates and photos throughout the weekend regarding all the festivities, especially tonight's toga throwdown with the kickball crew. Photos for that one might be in short supply.

We highly recommend NOT turning off Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
while attempting to dress your child for Halloween

Okay, fill the bag and nobody will get harmed

Our teacher, Miss Donna, as a convincing pirate

Kaitlyn enjoying the spoils of her trick-or-treating

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