16 October 2009

Kaitlyn's Halloween preview

So I was on hiatus for the last couple days, doing important things like contemplating the meaning of life, attempting to cure cancer and, above all, trying to find the answer to that age old question.

As I was brokering a peace accord in the Middle East, I realized that Halloween is right around the corner. I had big plans for Halloween this year, thinking that I could use a creative outlet while semi-retired. I wanted to create Kaitlyn's costume on my own after getting an idea from that bastion of creativity, The Food Network.

However, I realized, shortly after doing some research, that: A) making your own costumes, while truly awesome, are expensive, and B) I really didn't have the energy to do it, especially after solving the country's financial crisis.

I came to the decision after seeing some cheap, yet cute, Halloween costumes at Costco. I mean, for $10, you've got yourself a good looking costume. Fabric for my grandiose plan would have cost me that much. Now, trying to get out of Costco with nothing more than that $10 costume is a whole different story.

Another idea (one I am not fully behind but isn't a bad one) is to use last year's costume since it still fits. Not it-still-fits-like-that-old-pair-of-jeans fits, but actually fits. I'm not a big fan of recycling the same costume, but Michelle is making a strong argument. Who am I to argue?

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