08 October 2009

Bubbles are a cure-all

Thanks to everyone who's been asking about Kaitlyn's health. She's been sick, on and off, for the last few weeks, but she's doing better and is even back in daycare part time.

But on Tuesday we had a little daddy-daughter downtime and, luckily, the weather was awesome. So we went on a little walk and then came back to the house for a little bubble time. If there's anything that cures all ills in children, it just might be bubbles.

Kaitlyn loves her some bubbles. Hell, even I love doing it with her. But Kaitlyn, she loves bubbles. Loves blowing them. Loves chasing them. Hell, she even loves eating them. The video explains that:

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  1. I just love it ! Too cute and polite too !!