25 October 2009

Sweet blog with a sweeter gig

One of the things that Growing Up Kaitlyn has allowed me to do is read some pretty great bloggers. In my previous writing incarnations, I stuck to things like marketers, journalists and the like, since they were of my ilk.

When you venture outside your comfort zone, though, sometimes you find great things. That's why that "Who We Read" section in the right column is there -- because I read them and find them fascinating, and I think you will too.

Well, I've got another I'll pass along. I found pretty*swell while checking out the NC State Fair blog. As I was reading the posts detailing this year's festivities, I came across some posts from the Deep Fried Ambassador. I said to myself, Who is this person and how do I get this job? I mean, eating deep fried foods at state fairs should be my permanent gig. I'm a human trash can, but I still keep my girlish figure.

Anywho, even though the state fair ends today, you can re-live the fun that was vicariously through our state's Deep Fried Ambassador. Photos, videos and written word describe all things state fair, including some of the best concoctions assembled.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout! Glad to have discovered your blog. LOVE the elephant post. Too funny.