29 October 2009

Fun with Photoshop

So we went shopping yesterday to pick up a couple things and Michelle decided that Kaitlyn needed a new hat, one that we could keep at daycare when she goes outside to play.

I'm cool with that, especially considering we shop the sales and pick up such things on the cheap. That's one of the cool things about Michelle. She's a sale shopper. Mind you, she's no Stay-Up-And-Wait-In-Line-On-Black-Friday shopper like myself, but she's darn good.

We made our way to Ross and picked up a new cap for her. And by the way: It's a cap, people. Don't call it a toboggan. A toboggan is a sled. Only backwoods people call it a toboggan.

Anywho, Michelle's selection got me thinking. Plus, I was sort of bored after cleaning the bedroom and giving the dog its medicine. You know, life of the semi-retired:

The cap in question, which leads to ...

Oh yeah, you got served ... by Kaitlyn

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