14 October 2009

Kaitlyn's first publishing deal

We love Kaitlyn's daycare. The feeling is mutual, and not just because they cash our checks.

You see, the women who work at the daycare, Friends Playhouse (by the way -- has the sentence "The men who work at the daycare" ever been written? And not be meant tongue-in-cheek? I digress ... ), think Kaitlyn is hilarious. when we walk in, there's always a "Kaitlyn did _________" or "Kaitlyn said ___________" moment they're all too willing to share.

It's a good thing. You don't want the daycare women thinking your child is the one they don't want to deal with when they walk in to work that day. And in the same vein, you don't want to be the parents the daycare hates dealing with. It's not good for you, it's not good for the daycare and it certainly is not good for the child.

One of the things I love about Friends Playhouse is the amount of time they spend doing projects with the children. Now that Kaitlyn's at an age where she enjoys a good project (building blocks, unfolding the laundry we just folded, coloring the floor/table/dog), it's really cool to see the things they're doing.

Just the other day, Kaitlyn came home with her first book, an autobiography titled "All About Me" by Kaitlyn Moffit (Yes, that's how they spelled it. Guess they don't look at those checks too closely).

In her book, it describes everything about Kaitlyn: her birthday (January 13, for those who like to shop early), her pet's name (Boo), her favorite places to go (the playground and the pool) and her favorite toys (riding toys, baby strollers and baby dolls).

Also included are her favorite foods (fruit, ice cream, pancakes, cheese, eggs). Mind you, most of the other children in class had one or two things on their "favorite foods" list. My daughter had five, and it wasn't a complete list.

However, there are some things that this autobiography didn't explore. I mean, who writes an autobiography that tells the whole truth? So, here is an unabridged version of Kaitlyn Moffat (or Moffit, your choice):

Favorite activity at home (inside): Flipping the light switch on. Then off. Then on. Then off. Then on again. Then off again.

Favorite activity at home (outside): Going for walks, which usual entail picking up every weed and saying "flower," taking trash can lids back to their respective receptacles and wondering whether dog poop is a rock.

Favorite snack: Cheerios, Frosted Mini Wheats, Goldfish, cheese, English muffins with butter, applesauce, peaches, banana, Ramen noodle (All one snack)

Most commonly used phrases: "No", "No Daddy", "No Mommy", "Silly puppy", "Juice please", "Snack please", "Milk please" and "No" again. (At least she's polite).

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