23 October 2009

Growing Up Kaitlyn in syndication

Some of you might not be aware of this, but Growing Up Kaitlyn reaches the masses here in the Piedmont Triad.

After starting this little blog, I was approached by an old college friend, Becky, after responding to a post on I've known of for quite some times, as Michelle would use the message boards for info during her pregnancy and shortly after when we didn't know what we were doing raising this new addition to our household.

Becky and were looking for writers to update their site's blog, The Mommies Newtork. Now, I'm no mommy, but I figured I needed the creative outlet since I've been semi-retired. Plus, I always have something to say. Just ask Michelle.

So once in a while I send some copy over to TriadMommies for them to upload. The first was an original that you can only find on that blog. The second was my Johnny and the Sprites column, which deserves all the audience it can get, since Disney really shouldn't have pulled the plug on the show.

But besides clicking over to read my stories (which everyone should), I've found some really unique and creative writers on the blog. We all love our children and posts on The Mommies Network proves that.

A third is in their queue for November, which is also an original that you won't find on Growing Up Kaitlyn. So check it out.

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