18 November 2009

Celebrity collateral in the Nick Jr.-Disney turf war

As I've mentioned earlier, Nick Jr. has been slowly encroaching on my Disney Girl. Michelle and I (with some help from Nana and Pop-Pop this past week) have attempted to sway her to righteousness. But the allure of Gabba, Diego and Ming-Ming is too much to turn Kaitlyn's attention for too long.

And then there's Dora. Oh, you sneaky, sneaky Latina explorer. You've gained a foothold into my daughter's heart that is only matched by Tinker Bell. But Tink doesn't have the pop culture collateral that Dora can pull.

Even the NBA superstars are jumping off the Disney bandwagon and getting into the Nick Jr. Check out first overall draft pick Blake Griffin oozing all things Dora:

What's next? Will Super Bowl MVPs start chanting "Universal Studios" instead of "Disney World"?

And on a side note, in an attempt to capitalize on Dora's popularity, the powers-that-be at Nickelodeon and Mattel are whoring her out for your children's money updating her image, creating a 'tween Dora. What's next, I ask you?

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