04 November 2009

Crashing the All-Girls Party that is BlogHer '10

I have to pass the credit for this brilliant idea along to a fellow blogger.

You see, I was checking out what my girl @MaryMac was writing about over at PJ&C when I saw that she was nominating herself for a speaking gig. Now, I have to say, I would pay to listen to her talk about writing because she's that good. Thank goodness I don't have to since she does it all for free. MaryMac -- don't pull a WSJ. I need my PJ&C for free.

Anywho, I checked out the NOW cult BlogHer '10 site to see what all the hub-bub was about. By the way, if anyone ever decided to start a BlogHim Web site and annual conference, how long do you think it would take before Martha Burk started picketing and trying to get the site pulled? Five days? Ten? But BlogHer is alive and kickin'. Which got me thinking ...

What if I pulled a Hugh Grant on this whole thing? I mean, how funny would it be for Growing Up Kaitlyn's 30-something male author to pull up a chair with all these blogging broads? Hmmmmm ...

So I have officially submitted my name into the running to speak at the BlogHer '10 national conference in New York City under the "Personal Identity" topic, with a session entitled "It's A Man's World."

Basically, getting a group of male bloggers who write about fatherhood and such in front of a group of women who probably think we have no business talking about child-rearing because we don't know what those first nine months were like. How friggin' cool, right?

Now, I have no linkjuice with these blogger types. I've only been Growing Up Kaitlyn for a few weeks. So if you know any female blog-types who would like the chance to oogle some thirty-something eye candy at their All-Girls Party in NYC, tell them to head over to Hunk-O-Mania over on East Houston Street (Note: I cannot vouch for the quality of Hunk-O-Mania. I merely did a Google search and found the first establishment on the results page).

But if they'd like to hear a thirty-something writer talk about how his daughter got him into blogging when nothing else could, tell them to drop the name Growing Up Kaitlyn to the BlogHer groupies.

1 comment:

  1. Well howdy there Kaitlyn Growers!
    Thanks for the HOLLAH. I am glad you've nominated yourself for BlogHer (which totally has hot guy bloggers going, or else why would I go?!?!) so we can meet IRL. I would never make my readers pay to view Pajamas and Coffee. That's what advertisers are for. I am considering adding ebooks and print on demand books (I was a pro writer and author before a blogger) so that my readers can hold me (I mean, my writing) in their hands.
    Are you on twitter? Because I should add you to my 'Guys I'd Leave My Husband For' list. I'm @marymac in case your mysteriousness is not following me yet.
    In other news, I have brought you linkjuice in my adding of you to my blogroll. Juicy!
    That's all- carry on with your awesomeness- hope to see you on a panel at BlogHer '10!