22 November 2009

In Pictures: Burlington Christmas Parade

Michelle and I made a pact Friday night. We would close the computer on Saturday, not opening the laptop until Sunday came rolling around.

You see, it's very easy to flip some Playhouse Disney on the tube for Kaitlyn, allow her to fall into a Gabba Coma and check emails and play Bejeweled for a couple hours. So we decided to just shut down contact on the World Wide Web for 24 hours.

All this allowed for some Family Fun Time, which on Saturday meant heading to downtown Burlington for the annual Christmas Parade. Yes, I said that right: On November 21, five full days before Thanksgiving, we went to a Christmas parade.

Now Michelle considers me sort of a bah-humbug because of my distaste for the commercialization of Christmas. Fact is, while I'm no fan of Christmas starting sooner year after year (the holiday season started around July 4th this year, right?), I do love the holidays. Good food, lots of Family Fun Time, Charlie Brown. It's really fun.

Christmas parades are part of that. I especially love local parades, because (as you will see) they include great floats, local "celebrities" and, most of all, some of the wackiest things you could possibly include in a parade. But, in the end, they are all good fun and celebrate not only the holiday, but the community.

Michelle and Kaitlyn enjoying the festivities on Saturday

It wouldn't be a Christmas parade in the South without numerous crosses on pick-up trucks adorned with signs stating "Keep Christ in Christmas". This just so happened to be the first of many on the day

I'm not sure if the good people at Dave's actually registered for the parade or were just making a delivery along the parade route.

Somebody decided to get their employees dressed up for the occasion. Unfortunately they decided to get the costumes at a Furry convention

Cool. Cooler. Coolest.

My former co-workers, Jay Ashley (driving) and Frances Woody (passenger, local celebrity) represented The Times-News quite well during Saturday's parade. 

Nothing says Christmas quite like Cloggers clogging to Christmas music. 

This is quite possibly the best picture ever.