06 November 2009

In Pictures: 'Cause I'm too lazy to write. Deal.

I think the header says it all, but I'll give you some basics: Michelle and I picked up Kaitlyn early from daycare and decided it was a nice day to go to the park. Plus, we feel like we've been neglecting our first child (Boo), so she got some playtime, too.

The name of said park has been omitted so not to have whatever government agency that operates the park go apesh*t and ban dogs and small children from their parks. Don't laugh -- they're rough down here in the South.

It's a nice fall day. What better way to spend it than outside freezing your tail off? I kid, I kid. It was actually warm outside, but Michelle's always cold. Then she's warm five minutes later. Then cold again. Then warm again. I can do this all day.

Kaitlyn loves her some slides. Unfortunately for her, daddy was too busy taking photos to catch her. Don't worry, the old saying is true: Kids really do bounce.

We decided to make use of an empty baseball field since, you know, it's November. Only morons and dorks play baseball in November.

Here she is, our first child Boo. Normally this dog can't be let off the leash, but we decided to give it a go today. The big fence helped in that decision.

Action shot!

(In a poorly-executed Steve Irwin voice) Now the small canine is stalking its prey, but this minx is too smart for her captor. Will she run and hide. Wait! She turns to fight. Crickey!

Breakin' the Law. Breakin' the Law. Okay, time to go.

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