08 November 2009

Cognitive Development, aka "Future Blue Devil Alert"

In honor of the start of college basketball season, we here at Growing Up Kaitlyn would like to introduce you to the future of the Duke Blue Devils.

When Kaitlyn was very, very small (which regular readers know wasn't for very long), Kaitlyn received what fast became her favorite book. Hello Blue Devil has been a regular in our book rotation since the early days and, for every Duke fan, it should be in theirs, too.

Even as I make this post, Kaitlyn is sitting next to me, pointing to the image of the book on the computer screen and saying "Devil right there." God love her.

And this being a Cognitive Development post, you know I'm about to show off some of that Kaitlyn brain power. The symmetry is perfect, since we're talk about one of the top institutions in the world and one of the smartest 22-month-olds in the universe.

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  1. Yeah I'm going to have to report you for child abuse, sorry bro. This is unacceptable, no one should have to go through life with their collars popped, ripped denim skirts and Uggs on in the summer.