09 December 2009

In Pictures: Cookie-making time

After reading about our friend Gwendolyn Brown-Johnson yesterday, Michelle looked at me and said, "We just had fun this weekend baking cookies and it was cute and you write about this?"

You see, Michelle thinks this blog should be about her and Kaitlyn and the fun and beauty and hilarity that is parenting. Mostly, though, about her. I have attempted to tell her that the blog is about our family and the things we talk about, see and go through on a daily basis. But she wants more cowbell. And by cowbell, she means her.*

What she didn't know what that I was already planning a post about our cookie escapade, but hadn't yet completed it. And it's a good thing I didn't since Michelle decided to whip up a batch of cookies using Grandma Gill's recipe for chocolate chip macaroons.

At first we thought the gritty texture was due to the fact that she didn't mix the sugar into the egg whites enough, leaving the macaroons as crumbly, chocolate chip-filled sugar mounds. That's how Grandma's were, too, she said coolly. This from someone who likes to put 12 to 15 sugar packets in her non-sweetened iced tea "just to crunch the sugar at the bottom."

About an hour after chowing down a half-dozen of these pure sugar concoctions, Michelle took a second look at the recipe. Oh, she says quietly. I put three cups of sugar in the mix when it called for three-quarters of a cup sugar.

Oh? No wonder Kaitlyn didn't want to go nite-nite. So, as you read this, Michelle's entire floor at work is probably bouncing off the walls screaming for more macaroons.

Anywho, here's the rest of the cookie-making fun from this past weekend, in pictures:

We invited Aunt Kari over to bake. You remember Aunt Kari, right? Anyhow, she decided that she should bring her entire pantry to the party. Like we wouldn't let her borrow sugar or something.

This is me sifting flour for Aunt Kari, since she didn't know what "sift" meant when reading the recipes. No joke.

Aunt Kari and Michelle hard at work trying to figure out how to operate the food processor. Which led to ...

... me pounding cookies by hand because the darn thing wouldn't start. 

One of the cookie recipes that Aunt Kari used called for a glaze. This is how Aunt Kari's "glaze" turned out. On a side note, this is eerily similar to how Michelle's macaroons looked and, based on the amount of sugar in each, tasted, as well.

* I love you, honey. 

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