01 December 2009

In Pictures: Christmas Tree Search 2009

Okay, so we're officially in Christmas mode here now that the forgotten holiday has passed. Judging by the fact that we went to a Christmas parade before Thanksgiving, you could say we've been in Christmas mode since November 21.

We actually started the search for this year's Christmas tree back on Sunday. Unfortunately, the lot we have purchased our tree from for the last five years was fresh out of anything smaller than nine-foot tall. Apparently the Black Friday deals were everywhere this year. The Christmas Tree Guy told us that they've had trucks delivering new trees each day since Thanksgiving and each day, they've nearly sold out of trees. And I thought everyone switched to fake trees.

So after dinner Tuesday night Michelle, Kaitlyn and I made our way back to the same lot. Lo and behold, Christmas trees a plenty. A little advice for semi-retired people like myself: If you're looking for a business plan, just plant Christmas trees. After seeing the price of Christmas trees increase, oh, 400 percent in the last four years, I'm strongly considering buying some land in Boone and just sitting on some saplings for a couple years.

Anywho, here's the rest of the story:

Would you actually believe this smiling child said "No Christmas tree" on the way to the lot? 

Kaitlyn's attention is diverted from Christmas trees as the dope selling trees gave her candy. Thank you, Mr. Christmas Tree Guy, for initiating hyperactivity so close to bedtime.

After prying the candy cane from her kung-fu grip, Kaitlyn prepares to place the first ornament of 2009 on the family tree. According to Michelle, this is supposed to be a touching moment. 

As if you couldn't have guessed, the first ornament of 2009 features a Disney stripper

Notice all the ornaments hanging on the bottom branches of the tree? Yeah, that was Michelle. 

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