15 December 2009

In Pictures: Gibsonville Christmas Parade

Kaitlyn got her first taste of stardom Saturday afternoon when she was the main attraction at the Gibsonville Christmas Parade.

Okay, okay, she was one of a dozen or so kids on a float in the parade, but it just sounds so much better saying she was the reason hundreds of people lined the streets of Gibsonville. Forget the jolly big man (who we didn't see since we were in a float ahead of Santa).

Kaitlyn waved to people, said Merry Christmas and laughed the whole way, even though it was cold and wet and windy.

The star of the Gibsonville Christmas Parade

One of our great teachers at the daycare handing out balloons during the parade

One of Kaitlyn's supporting cast members, Sophia, and her antler-ed daddy, who we like despite his affinity to that safety school in Chapel Hill

Another daycare staffer who is REALLY happy to see me. Scary, I know.

We aren't sure why the dogs were being walked during the parade. For that matter, we don't know why daycare staffers decided to dress like Austin Powers extras

View from above. Yeah, we're in the parade and you're not. I'm talking to you, antler boy

After taking this photo, I stuck my tongue out at these people because, like antler boy, they're not in the parade either

The float was a little crowded, but Kaitlyn (covered by balloon on left) had plenty of room to wave and be admired by the masses

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