08 December 2009

Moonshine provides Charlotte daycare owner with lucrative side business

 Today I raise a mason jar of some fine Carolina White Lightning to Gwendolyn Brown-Johnson.

Ms. Brown-Johnson found herself in a real pickle last week down in ol' Charlotte, N.C., according to the local press. You see, an undercover officer caught her selling off two gallons worth of some fine City Gin at the Parkview Community Center.

Problem is, not only is drinking Bush Whiskey illegal, but so is selling it. At a day care center. I repeat: At a day care center.

Agents say children were in the day care center when they sent in an undercover agent to buy two gallons of moonshine. Brown-Johnson told the paper she was set up by a neighbor. She says she was just holding a package for a man in exchange for $80 and didn't even know what was in it.

By the way, police also arrest 82-year-old Ervin Finger -- whom they say produced the Catdaddy in question -- after find more than 80 gallons of Ruckus Juice at his place. I repeat: More than 80 gallons.

Now to be fair, Brown-Johnson is claiming that she is being targeted by a "vengeful neighbor." According to the Web site of Parkview Community Center and its related foundation, Brown-Johnson is "a concerned and caring neighborhood resident [who] saw that the children in the neighborhood lacked adequate parental or other responsible adult guidance, supervision and protection from hazardous social environments." No word yet on whether selling $80 worth of corn liquor qualifies as "responsible adult guidance."

Personally, I think Brown-Johnson might have stumbled upon a business opportunity, knowingly or not. I mean, who needs a little Mule Kick more than parents and daycare workers?

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