05 December 2009

Kaitlyn's Holiday Wish List

With the holidays now upon us, I figured I'd help the Growing Up Kaitlyn contingent with their Christmas shopping.

You see, the Growing Up Kaitlyn family has settled here in this small tiny space-prohibitive quaint townhouse that doesn't have a lot of storage. Sure, we've got YaYa and Pop-Pop's place, but we can't expect to put all our stuff in their house forever. I'm sure if we asked we could, but that would just be abusing a privilege they've extended and I'm not about to get on YaYa's bad side. Again.

So Michelle and I have come up with a parent-approved Wish List that doesn't include noisy toys is sure to make Kaitlyn happy come Christmas morning. As an added bonus, if there are any of you out there who might have Michelle or myself in a Secret Santa, we've included some of our requests, as well.

Kaitlyn's Wish List
Tinker Bell. Not items related to Tinker Bell, but the actual pixie
A membership to The N.C. Zoo, The Natural Science Center of Greensboro and Weight Watchers
Handcuffs to make sure that damn Swiper stops swiping
DJ Lance Rock's fuzzy hat
A pass to the Hershey factory that allows her to swim in chocolate syrup
Google stock

Michelle's Wish List
A second husband who has any combination of wealth, looks and/or fame
An Old Navy puffy vest stuffed with $100 bills.
Immortality, especially for Boo

James' Wish List
A winning Powerball ticket so to remove "semi-" from his official title of "semi-retired"
In lieu of Powerball ticket, full-time job paying over $45,000 would suffice
Odyssey's Vegas headcover for blade putter and matching grip so that he looks cool while playing like crap
Mother's Cure (nsfw)

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