08 December 2009

Cognitive Development, aka "The Stewie Griffin Conundrum, Part II"

Usually when you boast about your kid's intellectual prowess, you either:

A) are so dumb yourself that anything your kid does is going to make them Albert friggin' Einstein; or

B) are trying to hide the fact that your kid's as dumb as a doornail.

I have to say, I fit into the first category. I'm not on the Britney Spears level of stupidity, but I'm not the brightest bulb in the box. I know I fit into "A" because Kaitlyn is a genius. She says so herself. Here are the latest findings to support that hypothesis:

  • She is saying her full name. The other day she just busted out her full name -- first, middle, last -- and Michelle and I just looked at each other and were like, "Did you teach her that?"
  • She is reading books to us. A couple nights ago we pulled out "Hush Little Baby" and she began reciting the book as we turned pages. It was sort of surreal until I realized she knew Diamond Ring. That scared me. I guess it's hard wired into females.
  • She is building a Large Hadron Collider with the bag of blocks. Now only if she can remember where she put the plutonium she stole from the Russians.
  • She has better grammar than Mommy. I don't know if this truly supports the argument or if it pigeonholes Michelle into category "A" with Daddy, but she's already proving that she's going to be a talker like her parents. God help us on that one.

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