14 February 2010

Valentine's Day Special: Disney Edition

So everyone's writing Valentine's Day posts about their significant others. Yada yada yada. Yeah, I love my wife, too. Enough to keep her out of a blog post once in a while.

Especially since we're here in the ha-hap-happiest place on Earth. After a day of mischief at Shamu's place, we're going to grab some grub with some real Valentines. You see, tonight's Nana and Pop-Pop's anniversary. How many, you ask? Enough to have six kids old enough to forget how many. That's a lot.

So we'll be back tomorrow with an update on the trip. For today, we here at Growing Up Kaitlyn wish you a Happy Valentine's Day with the ones you love. I'm off to celebrate two special days:

The happy couple, not looking too bad for 328 years married. Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids ...

... and Happy Valentine's Day, my two beautiful girls.

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