04 February 2010

Two-year-old forward commits to Lady Volunteers

I know I'm sort of stretching here, but I think Kaitlyn's going to have a lot going on. A whole lot. I mean, she's getting some pretty good genes for athletics, as I stand at six-foot-three and Michelle's just shy of a strong five-foot-ten.

And with National Signing Day being this past week, I am going to make a stunning announcement: After careful consideration, 25-month-old Kaitlyn Moffat has committed to play for the Tennessee Lady Volunteers and legendary coach Pat Summitt.

Granted, it's only a verbal commitment, since Kaitlyn is, you know, 25-months-old and there are plenty of things that could change in the next 15 years. I mean, she may decide that Geno Auriemma and the UConn Huskies deserve some consideration, or even Daddy's beloved Duke Blue Devils. She may pursue Daddy's dream dream of becoming a professional golfer and getting dear old Dad on some of those courses he could never afford to play another career path.

The point is, it's never too early to start planning for the future, especially when it comes to the competitive realm of college athletics and recruiting. It's a game (pun intended) that's starting earlier and earlier for players, coaches and parents. Take the case of David Sills.

You see, 13-year-old David Sills is a good football player. Apparently he's got a pretty good arm. Good enough for Quarterback U. to take notice and offer the youngster a full ride. You read that right. Newly-installed USC football czar Lane Kiffin has offered this newly-minted teenager a scholarship to the University of Southern California. I wonder how many 8th grade Science Fair blue ribbon winners get full rides to M.I.T.

The scary part? The youngster accepted the offer. Or maybe what's scarier is that the parents are apparently on board with this plan. Why not, considering they'll reap the financial benefits of young Davy's golden arm. Especially at USC, where financial benefits start even before you turn pro.

Sills is 5-foot-11 and 136 pounds, with doctors having told him he will grow to be 6-foot-5. "I've always imagined in my dreams going to USC," he said. "But I never really detailed it to the phone call. All I imagined was playing in the Coliseum. But this is so crazy and out of nowhere." [David Sill's father] said he talked many times with his son about college, specifically USC, cautioning his son about "if that opportunity is there when the time comes. "We assumed that would be when he was a junior [in high school]," Sills IV said.

Note to Coach Summitt: I am no doctor, but I can assure you that Kaitlyn will grow to six-foot-eight (give or take 12 inches). And with my athletic background (I was the starting point guard on my middle school team and played some pick-up ball through my 20s) and Michelle's anal-retentiveness attention to detail, you will truly be getting a unique specimen, as well as a student of the game.


  1. Hey what's Todd Marinovich up to these days? Oh thats right getting busted for crystal meth in San Diego

  2. I seriously laughed at the 6'8" give or take a foot...funny!
    This is my first visit here and I want to thank you for instilling the hope that Pat might still be coaching in 16+ yrs. How fantastic is that?!

  3. Glad you found me Christine, however you did it. Y'all come back now, ya hear?