01 February 2010

I just flew in from Miami and boy are my arms tired

It's been a whirlwind week, hence not so much as a squeak from my on social media. There were some random Tweets, but half of you probably haven't a clue that I have a Twitter account; one-quarter probably don't know how to use Twitter; the final 1/4 of you don't know what I'm talking about.

For the last six days, I was attending the Market America World Conference in Miami. It was a bit weird being away from Michelle and Kaitlyn for a full six days. And to think, I head back to Florida in 10 days. But more on that in the coming days.

So I had this great idea for today's post where I was going to share some of the texts exchanged between Michelle and I during the week. There were some classic ones in there, too. One was about Kaitlyn crying because YaYa and Pop-Pop were going to watch Boo for the week. Another was about Kaitlyn waking up and not seeing me in bed.

Problem is, I had to delete all of my messages because my memory was full in the cell phone. I figured Michelle would have her messages saved since she doesn't normally delete anything from her phone until it's 100 percent full. Unfortunately, Michelle hit that mark and deleted all her messages, too.

Instead, here's a short list of the things I learned while in Miami:
  • Don't order a Cuban sandwich at the American Airlines Arena. Apparently their version is turkey and ham on a hard baguette with banana peppers and a not-so-appetizing spread. That's $12 I'll never get back.
  • The Hilton Serenity mattresses and pillows make being away from home bearable. Those things are heaven.
  • Seventy-five degrees and sunny is perfect weather in Miami, as long as you're able to enjoy it outside. Otherwise, it's just a tease. 
  • I always thought the whole "Asians take lots of pictures" statement was a gross stereotype. Boy, was I wrong.
  • Some celebrities look hot on camera and when you see them in person, you're sort of like, "Oh, she's not really that hot." Eva Longoria is not that type of celebrity.  
  • I understand that the people of Miami are all about form-fitting clothes. But some people's form doesn't fit their clothes.

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