08 January 2010

Lessons for the next time I'm semi-retired

If you couldn't tell, it's been a little dry here at Growing Up Kaitlyn. I mean, I noticed I hadn't posted since January 2, which is quite a while here in the blogosphere. But with good reason.

As some of you (that would be the family) know, my semi-retirement officially ends on January 19. I have accepted a position with a company here in Greensboro and will be back in the working world. Which is most definitely a great way to usher in 2010, but it also opens the door to a litany of other questions:
  • What happens when Kaitlyn needs to come home early because she's sick?
  • You mean I can't drive up to daycare some random afternoons and poke my head into the window and see my little girl sleeping?
  • I have to shower each and EVERY day?
These are just a couple of things that have run through my mind in the last few days. More than those things, though, I've been listening to Michelle complain about the things that I haven't accomplished since semi-retirement began. You know, the honey-do list that continues to grow each and every day.

But those small complaints (believe me, she's happier than anyone that semi-retirement is coming to a close) have led to larger internal complaints and disappointments. I wish I actually made her Halloween costume like I wanted. I wish I had taken her to the Natural Science Center more during the summer months. I wish I played more golf and lowered my handicap. You know, real internal struggles.

You always reason with yourself in the moment on why you can't do something. Its was cheaper and easier to buy a costume off the shelf. I was doing some consultation work and looking for a job. I had no money. All those arguments sounds great at the time. But looking back, it really doesn't cut the mustard. I should have done those things and more because, well, there aren't more important things.

Nothing's more important than seeing Kaitlyn in her cupcake costume that you made for her. Nothing's more important than hearing Kaitlyn say she wants to see more animals. And nothing's more important than indexing a 5.0 and winning some ducats from the slops at the course.

All I can do is move forward now and hope that I learned my lesson. More time next time. Granted, we're all hoping there won't be a next time like this time, but next time.


    Your second wifey!!

  2. Jennifer SchlaudeckerJanuary 8, 2010 at 12:51 PM

    Congrats on the new job James. And I wouldn't expect Chelly's compaining about the honey do list to stop at Jan 19th she he he.

    Best of luck in the new job.

  3. Does this mean your book is going to suck?

    ps- my confirmation word was diaer. someone forgot the peeeeeee.

  4. Jen -- Believe me, Michelle has already broken the list into "Weekend Projects." My weekends are now booked through 2015.

    Steph -- The book will so not suck! It just means I will have a new chapter titled, "Working vs. Semi-Retirement: How to make money and never see your family."

  5. Congratulations on the new job! And, hey, try not to beat yourself up with the "what ifs," although they seem to be an unavoidable part of parenthood.