09 January 2010

Help me decide. Leave a comment.

One dozen golf balls received as Christmas gift and returned: $16.31 on gift card

One package of Huggies pull-ups for Kaitlyn: $16.31 off gift card

Okay, here's the deal: I was recently presented with this conundrum while visiting my local Walmart. The golf balls were returned, as I was fully intending to purchase the brand I normally play. I also needed to look into purchasing pull-ups for my daughter, who is growing exponentially and will soon be headed to the two-year old room at daycare.

So there I stood, in the diaper aisle of Walmart, wondering whether I needed to use the gift card on the diapers for my daughter or put them toward a dozen brand-y new golf balls for my own selfish pursuits. It's truly a lose-lose: Buy the diapers, lose your manhood. Buy the golf balls, lose your fatherhood.

So America, I let you decide: Manhood or Fatherhood. Now, a few ground rules: First, Kaitlyn doesn't truly need the pull-ups. This is sort of an experiment before heading into the two-year old room. So it's not like I'm depriving my daughter of essential things to live to buy golf balls. Second, the golf balls I would have bought would require additional money out of my own pocket.

So tell me, America: Manhood or Fatherhood?


  1. Being a good father is being a good man

  2. buy the golfballs with the gift card. use some hard-earned cash from your new job to pay for poo-catchers for Kaitlyn. That's what jobs are for. buying diapers.

  3. I'm sure you know by now that when you have a child, it's all about them from that moment on. So, whether or not they are needed right "now", they will be there when they are needed. Buy the diapers with the gift card as no "extra" money is needed. Then buy your golf balls as a reward for bringing home your first paycheck from your new job! That way, when you have the balls hot in your hand (get your mind out of the gutter), you will have the money to go and play a round as well! ;-).

    That way everyone's happy!

  4. I'm with Stephanie. Diapers now. Golfballs as reward later. Also, I fully believe that fatherhood = manhood. :)