18 January 2010

Semi-retirement ends tomorrow

Today is the last day of my semi-retirement, as I head off to my new job with Market America. No, I'm not selling, but rather working on the company's Web site, which I urge you to bookmark and purchase from in order to ensure long and happy employment for me.

Seriously though, I look forward to the new challenges ahead and not listening to Michelle complain about me not doing anything on her list talk about how I need to shower each and every day being a more involved member of society. So the days will be a little longer, a little busier. The nights a little more tiring, a little more hectic.

How will this affect Kaitlyn? Probably not at all, since she'll remain in the same daycare with the same friends at the same price (ugh). How will this affect Michelle? Ridonkulously, considering she'll not only have to not count on me being home to run her errands, but also not be at home in case there's a call from daycare.

She'll likely be the one who gets those calls now, since she'll be closer and now has something like 10.5 years 12 months nine weeks of comp time at work. Plus, she's a government worker, and we all know they don't do anything work on their own schedule sit on their thumbs all day put in so many hours anyway that they can afford to take the extra time.

More importantly, how will this affect Growing Up Kaitlyn? I hope not at all, but it appears I'm going to have to try and set up an actual posting schedule for the blog so that I keep to it. We'll let you know what the final decision on that one turns out to be, but don't fret -- Growing Up Kaitlyn will continue strong.

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