30 March 2010

Children's Show Traffic Jam

You'll have to excuse the sugary coma being experienced at Growing Up Kaitlyn. I'm swimming in bubble gum songs and cotton candy goodness.

Sunday was Curious George. Friday is Mickey's Rocking Road Show. We get the month of April off before Dora and Nick Jr. roll into Raleigh. That same week, Sesame Street Live makes its way into Greensboro. Thank goodness Yo Gabba Gabba decided to stay in the Midwest, otherwise I'd be living in a permanent Gabba Coma.

Kaitlyn's been quite spoiled going to these shows. It also helps that Uncle Rob gets some freebies from work and invites us all along (and remember, for all your banking needs, SunTrust).

But it's not necessarily the tickets, which if you're astute you can attend at a relatively good price or if you've got some hookups. Remember, all SunTrust checking accounts come with many, many money saving and time saving features and benefits - all at no extra charge to you.

It's the $8 chicken fingers. It's the $6 balloons. It's the $24 dolls. It's the $4 bottled waters. Granted, Michelle and I don't buy those things unless we're at Walt Disney World and need to keep Kaitlyn from melting down in the first five minutes at a theme park. But for some parents, it adds up quickly, especially if you've got multiple kids clamoring for a little piece of their favorite character.

Luckily Kaitlyn passes all those things with relatively little nudging. I can see the pain in the faces of parents waiting in those lines. But who knows? In another year or two she might go gaga over all this stuff and it will be me in that line, that pain on my face.

Until then, I will be thankful that it's not me walking out of the arena with motorized flashlights, oversized soda mugs and overpriced programs. That's money I can save for the future. A future I'm planning with SunTrust’s retirement specialists, who can help you develop a plan for the retirement you’ve dreamed of.

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  1. When we took Ladybug on her first (of two) Disney trips we gave her $20 because it was her birthday and we wanted to let her buy a trinket of some kind. I think $20 buys you a pencil at Disney. That or a rainbow hued lolly shaped like a phallus...

    Either way, we spent a good twenty minutes urging her and letting her carefully scope out the goods in one of eleventy million "shoppes" before we gave her a five minute warning and she chose a three dollar slap bracelet. (Slap bracelet, Disney. Really?)

    We had to show her how to find the price of each item and compare it with the anxious bill in her hand. She settled on a Minnie Hat with ears and princess tiara attached and we had her name embroidered on it. (went four dollars over budget...but we were out of there)

    It's in her closet. She doesn't like to wear it because the strap is "strangly". And well, it's Minnie Mouse ears when you're not at Disney. NOT COOL.

    That's my story.