12 March 2011

Thank You, Charlie Sheen

I hate Two and a Half Men. Not vehemently, mind you. The first season and a half was good. But the show -- much like most of television -- has gone down the crapper thanks to a proliferation of sex jokes, prat falls, drug humor ... and did I mention sex jokes?

The role of Jon Cryer's Alan has morphed from pathetic hanger-on to, well, really pathetic hanger-on that (surprise!) makes way too many sex jokes. Angus T. Jones was cute when he was 10. Now he's just a dorky teenager that (surprise!) makes way too many sex jokes.

The show's only saving grace? Charlie Sheen. Couple reasons why: First, his character hasn't morphed or grown up. He is who he was when the show started. Whether you liked the character or not, at least it was something to count on. Second, he knows how to deliver a line. Third, he's the only one who can get away with (surprise!) making way too many sex jokes. That's Charlie's thing.

Crazy enough, the best season of Two and a Half Men is the one going on right now. Drunken Charlie goes off on a drunken weekend, sleeps with three women, and gets himself left in the Las Vegas desert. Meanwhile, back in Malibu, Alan watches scrambled porn and determines a way to explain all this to Jake, who's just sitting there all doughy and goofy, wondering where the last MoonPie went, even though it's under his pillow. Sounds like a great plot, right? This is real-time, off camera. Golden Globe!

Where's this going? Why are we mentioning this in a Daddy blog? I'm getting there, hold on ...

This off-camera debacle has truly turned into a great episodic season. And whether you're on Team Warlock or Team Troll, you have to admit the entertainment value has been enormous. Hookers, back-talking, alcohol, trolls, drug rumors, the word bipolar thrown around more than at a Global Warming Summit, Adonis DNA, a couple more hookers (you know, just for good measure), #tigerblood, Twitter, warlocks and goddesses.

And ...

Duh, winning.

I have to say, I can't get enough of it. Has a more genius two-word phrase ever been uttered at the most precise time in the history of man? I mean, we can debate the merits of more profound, more impactful and more insightful at another time. But genius? This has to take the cake.

It's been tweeted. It's been parodied. It's been mocked and praised all at the same time. Pure genius.

Charlie Sheen's idea of #winning has gone more than viral. It's even made it to the mouths of children. Kaitlyn got it from Mommy, who got it from Daddy, who got it from Charlie.

So thank you, Charlie Sheen. You have taught my daughter about #winning.

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