17 August 2010

In Pictures: Kaitlyn's first boat trip

So it was a long three week stretch here. Daddy's been busting his tail for work, just wrapping up Market America 2010 International Convention. Lots of hours, lots of work, little time to recover. Eighteen out of 19 days at work, mostly extended hours.

For a four-day stretch, I didn't see Kaitlyn awake. Barely saw Mommy awake during those days, too. Yikes.

So what was a family to do? A little R&R, thanks to some friends. Growing Up Kaitlyn was invited out to Belews Lake, which is a pretty sweet place not too far from home base here in the BFE. So Saturday afternoon, we trekked out to the lake, met our friends and enjoyed some swimming and tubing in 90-degree lake water (thanks in some part to the Duke Energy Plant right on its banks. Don't worry -- the green glow only last a couple hours).

Thanks goes out to our hosts for the day, as they provided not only the boat, but the food, drink and generous hospitality that made us forget about work for just a couple of hours. It was very, very, very needed and much appreciated.

Kaitlyn enjoying her first time on a boat

Kaitlyn and Daddy in the water. I've been in hot tubs colder than Belews Lake

Mommy and Kaitlyn enjoying a swim together

Mommy and Kaitlyn (with her new friend Maya) getting ready to ride the waves

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  1. Hey I need that Duke Energy plant for my ING portfolio. If there are a few more Blinky the three eyed fish out there because of it then so be it.