29 September 2010

Growing Up Kaitlyn is, well, growing up

I've been writing this blog for a year now. Kind of hard to believe.

I started because it's kind of boring being semi-retired. I needed something to consume my time. I needed a creative outlet. I needed to get out of the funk of not having a job.

I had Michelle. I had Kaitlyn. I had friends and family who were supportive. But there was something missing. Besides money. A sense of accomplishment maybe, which (no matter what Michelle continued to say) wasn't satiated by dusting, laundry or ironing.

So I started writing. Heck, I was getting paid as much as my days as an actual journalist (zing!). There wasn't anything worth writing about except fantasy football poker legality in North Carolina Family Guy Michelle and Kaitlyn.
So for 365 days, Growing Up Kaitlyn has grown up with Kaitlyn. We've had holidays, birthdays, vacations, learning experiences and everything in between. We've introduced you to the Natural Science Center of Greensboro, the NC Zoo, The Gabba Coma, Smith Street Diner, and, of course, Feeney's. There's been so, so much that it's not possible to list it all. Well, it actually is possible, but completely unnecessary since you can just look at the Past Posts on the right.

So thank you to everyone's whose stopped by. I hope you've found something and come back for more. Thank you to the family and friends who have laughed and commented and shared. I write Growing Up Kaitlyn for me, but I know you enjoy it, too.

Thank you, Michelle. You've been a foil, an editor, a voice of reason, a pain in my rump. You've been supportive and critical. You've been perfect. There, I said it. Don't expect it again until our anniversary.

And most importantly, the biggest thank you of all goes to the smallest person. You have no clue what Daddy is doing and you don't care. Sometimes you say that Daddy is working. Other times you just want to see pictures, so you unwittingly help me choose the photos for this blog. You have been my muse through it all, and will continue to be. Sometimes you just yell at me to get off the computer and come do a puzzle.

You might get older and you might get bigger. Soon you won't want to hold Daddy's hand when we're taking a walk. Some day you'll probably curse me under your breath when I don't give you the car keys. But through it all, you will always be my little girl. And no matter what we've been through and what we encounter, I know I'll always have something to learn.

I'll always be Growing Up Kaitlyn.

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