30 May 2010

Tweeting Kaitlyn to the World

Yesterday was supposed to rain. The guys on the television said that, the local DJs who I listened to on my way home from work Friday said that. Heck, even my iPhone said that. And if the iPhone said it, it must be true, right?

So when I woke up at 9:30 a.m. -- Michelle let me sleep for a change -- and it was bright and sunny, I was scratching my head. So Michelle and I decided to take Kaitlyn on a hike at Guilford-Alamance Park. Ticks be damned!

We actually had a real good time, even if Michelle was misguided enough to think Kaitlyn would walk the three-mile loop by herself; she barely made it to the half-mile mark before we were looking for the shortcut back to the exit.

But we hiked, hugged trees (literally), fed the ducks, played in boats and hung out with some friends we weren't expecting to see.

And you know what? We didn't bring a camera. Left it on the kitchen table. So then what's the point of this post, since you can't see your dear Kaitlyn?

It's to point you in the direction of one of Growing Up Kaitlyn's new features, which is the Twitter feed about halfway down the page on the right column. Why am I pointing this out? Because sometimes it's tough to sit down a write a whole blog post, or sometimes I forget some of the funny things that happen throughout the day, especially if I have to wait to sit down at the computer to write it all down.

But I can always shoot a tweet. So there are some special nuggets in that Twitter feed down there. Like Kaitlyn hiking. And Kaitlyn getting her haircut. And then just some random thoughts and observations throughout the day.

So if you don't see something new on the blog, you just might want to check the feed. Because some of the best stuff comes in 140 characters or less.

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