03 April 2010

Gabba Coma meets the Obamas

And I thought the Gabba Coma was limited to my house. Now Foofa, Plex, DJ Lance Rock and the rest of the bunch are headed to The House. This was what welcomed me in the inbox today:

Hello James!

On Monday, April 5th, DJ Lance and the rest of the Gabba Gang are rolling up to the White House to perform at this year's Easter Egg Roll for 30,000 attendees from all 50 states! The gang will be taking the Rock 'n' Egg Roll Stage to perform numbers from their mega-successful live tour, Yo Gabba Gabba! Live!: There's A Party In My City , which continues its run in 2010!

Following the First Lady's Let's Move! initiative to combat childhood obesity, the theme of the Easter Egg Roll is 'Ready, Set, Go!' That sounds like the perfect reason for everyone to get up, jump, and DANCE!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Your Gabba-Friends

I'm sure Sasha and Malia will enjoy themselves at this year's egg roll, which has become a celebrity event. And yeah, the Gabbas and DJ Lance know my name. We're good like that.

But on a more serious matter, The Gabba Coma invading the White House explains a lot. The healthcare debacle? Surely. The bank bailout? Most definitely. Rahm Emanuel's choice to attend a Wilco concert? Gabba Conspiracy!

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