30 September 2009

Kaitlyn's visit with Nana

This is a little late, but just wanted to say thanks to Nana for visiting Kaitlyn earlier this month. This was stop #1 on my mother's whirlwind tour of the United States, as she criss-crosses the country over a four week span.

First was North Carolina, where she spent three days. She hopped on a plane for home on a Tuesday, then jumped back on one headed for Ohio for another five days to see the Gillen kids (To Thomas, Julieann and Josephine: love ya!). Finally, she's headed to California for a couple days to see my sisters in beautiful Hermosa Beach (Blatant shout-out to Janne, Susan, Tracy and NextStep Fitness, which all of you should visit and learn more about).

Here are some photos from our stop at the Natural Science Center of Greensboro, another place everyone should visit. The modest membership for our family of three is some of the best money we've spent. And BTW, Greensboro residents should visit this site to learn more about the bond referendum for improvements to the museum.

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